What do you believe?

In Mark 5:22-36, the story is told of two different people who came to Jesus to ask for help. The first one was Jairus one of the rulers of the synagogue and then the woman with the issue of blood.

There are some interesting facts to notice in that portion of scripture. Let’s take a look, there were two people who came to Jesus with a similar problem so that means they were both looking for the same thing, the manifestation of the power of God. They both came to Jesus the same day and both received from Him the same day, they both had access to Jesus one way or the other.  They both believed that Jesus was able to meet them at their point of need. The only difference between them was what they believed not whom they believed.

The scripture tells us that Jairus came to see Jesus first but the woman received her miracle before Jairus because they both believed differently. Jairus believed that if Jesus could come to his house and lay hands on his daughter everything will be fine, where as the woman believed that if she could touch the hem of His garment everything will be fine for her. Our faith in God is mostly affected by the circumstances we find ourselves in. The woman’s believe was motivated by the fact that she could not invite Jesus to her house and also she will not even be allowed to approach Him face to face based on her condition.

I believe that Jairus’ daughter would have been heal the moment he came to Jesus if he had believed. I also believe that if he had no means of inviting Jesus to his house, his believe would have been different.

We believe in God like the two of them that’s good but the question is what do we believe He is able to do for us. Do we believe because somebody went through certain experiences to obtain something so we have to go through the same thing? I have personally come up against so many obstacles where people (born again believers) have told me you can’t beat this or that because another Christian tried it and failed or had to get it done by a means different from the means I propose to use. I have stood my grounds and held on to what I believed and the end always becomes glorious but I have to tell you initially it will look like pride and arrogant, people will say he doesn’t listen to advice.

The person who waited for 10 years to receive a particular break through and the person who waited for 1 year to receive that same breakthrough are both children of God, they are both filled with the holy spirit, they will all go to heaven from here the only difference is what each person believed God was able to do for them at a particular point in time. Hence then question, WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE? It is not about what somebody believes for you or what I believe for you but what you believe God is able to do for you right now.

Mat 21:22  ‘’And all things, whatever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive’’. All we have to do is to believe that not only is He able to do it but willing to do it when we ask in faith.

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