The mystery of Christ, Part 2

Divine Information brings transformation the value of which is conformed to the image which is Christ. For this reason, as Christians, we enjoy the benefits of being conformed to the image of God. If we have no divine information, or we refuse to be transformed however, we will become deformed in character. The bible in the book of Romans 12:2 says a Christian should be transformed by the renewing of the mind.
In the world there are different definitions of the word SUCCESS. This is because of the influence from our environment, and the way we are brought up. For example is now common that people take ‘a hangover’ as if it is normal, as if we are now accepting it culturally. It is happening so many times that although it should be frowned upon, it is now accepted. This shows that our lives are built by what we see constantly occurring, something popular; this forms our view point on certain things. Our view point becomes our point of view, the way we think and the way we act. Therefore if our view point is wrong then our actions will be wrong.
As a child of God our view point should be the view point of God. We have a different outlook because we are from a different planet.  Consequently we should avoid going with the popular notion, the bible in the book of Corinthians 6:17 cautions Christians that
“Therefore come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you.”
Sanctify the lord of Host don’t go with the latest trends. If we want to be difference we have to be different. If we cannot handle persecution we cannot handle the promotion, the promotion we have to handle persecution, because. We should avoid being like everyone else otherwise we will fail, as in the story of the men who went to scout at Canaan, in Numbers 13:1-31. This proves that what we believe is what we behave, what we behave is what we become. We should always establish the will of the Lord in our lives; in Ephesians 5: avoid walking as fools walk in the true word of God.
• The GODLY SUCCESS entails, being born again this is gaining the personal relationship with God. God needs to work through the soul of a man. If a man finds God, he becomes a success “even in this world things we see don’t matter, because a man’s soul which has God will not fail. Jesus came to separate us from the bondage of sin because we were bound by Satan. Soul is wanted by God by Satan”. The moment we commit ourselves to God the devil will never get us.
• Success is running your race, and finishing your race. Knowing your purpose is the race, if we don’t know our purpose we should seek it from God. When we find it, we should follow it, and then we will be successful. When our soul prospers we are blessed, as 2 Corinthians 9:8 states.
We possess the Holy Ghost, Jesus had to go. So that He may come in another form which is the Holy Ghost, who knows all things. As Jesus told his disciples that He is not the best when He is in the form He is in. He had to become a spirit in order to come in to us and be with us all the time.

John 1:1-2 God’s word is God, it is real, and it cannot fail. As 1 Peter 1:23 adds – it is incorruptible seed… it endures forever. In Isaiah 55:8- It is used as a prescription he prescribes that we need to walk in His way. It is Authentic because when it is spoken it shall occur, Isaiah 31:2 adds that God can’t call back His word. God’s word is His hands when released it goes off and does that work. Isaiah 14:24 further adds that he word of God is His bound instrument .

2. AUTHORITY OF THE SCRIPTURE The word is the final.
The constitution it is the binding authority. Everyman even those who are above are governed by the law, the president do not live beyond the constitution. This also applies in the word of God. It shows the supremacy of His word, when God speaks His word is final. Even in our struggle with life. God is right always I am the one in the wilderness. Jesus and John the Baptist were also under the authority of the scripture. We should learn to use the authority of the scripture, and resist the devil and He will flee. If we fail then say to God I have failed, he will forgives if it’s a struggle and we are genuinely repenting, but we should always stay under the AUTHORITY OF THE SCRIPTURE.

Mark 16:18 things that the scripture gave us to do.
We are authorized by- Jesus to share the Gospel; Mark 16:15
We are authorized by – Jesus to cast out the devil; Mark 16:17
We are authorized by- Jesus to speak in new tongues
We are authorized by- Jesus not to be hurt by any poison; Mark 16:18
We are authorized by- Jesus to lay hands on the sick and they shall recover; Mark 16:18
We are authorized by –Jesus to love one another; John 14:12
We are authorized to do greater works and to demand in His name and more it shall be added unto us.
Remember to ask from God without finding faults John 14:14 and James 1:5.

The scripture is an instrument for accomplishment. Psalm 1:1-3 explains ; blessed is the man …A man who does all this knows the ‘AUTHENTICITY OF THE SCRIPTURE’, has the ‘AUTHORITY OF THE SCRIPTURE’ is under the AUTHORISATION OF THE SCRIPTURE. Hence is able to be ‘ACCOMPLISHED’. Matthew 7:24 if we standing in the authority of the scripture nothing will move us we are accomplished. Read further on Hebrew 4:12; Acts 20:32

5A’s of our response to the word of God
1. Acknowledge the authority of the word of God and receive it as the Word of God .1 Thessalonians 2:13
2. Acquaintance with word as Job 22:21-23 states, through the scripture so that it become real.
3. Assimilation; Absorb it into the system; Deuteronomy 11:18 .Put up quoted verse where you can keep on reading them.
4. Application of the word. The word of God never applied -it’s the Word of God never experienced James 1:21-25. When we quote the word of God, ensure that the actual scripture from the bible is quoted, so that it can be effected by God e.g. I can do all things thru Christ …
5. Articulating the scripture: Joshua 1:8 faith is released in the word. Man believeth into salvation. What we confess happens because we believe. We shall have what we speak.


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