Possessing your Possession

Whenever this scripture is read in any church service the excitement is about possessing our possessions, whiles this is true from the scriptures there are some few things that need to come before the possessing of possessions.

The first sentence in that scripture says upon might Zion there shall be deliverance, now this means that before we possess our possessions we need to go through deliverance. You might ask, what has that got to do with anything, its got everything to do with it.

Deliverance is using the power of God to break the holds of satan over ones life, thats my simple definition for deliverance. So if you have not been delivered from the hands of your enemy who doesn’t want you to prosper, you can’t possess your possession even though it has your name written all over it. A typical example is a parent walking with a 2 year old kid in the park with a strap on the waist of the child or somebody taking a dog for a walk. The one who determines the destination is the one holding the end of the chain and not the one bound at the waste or the neck.

Its the same thing with anybody who is under the a curse or the grips of the devil, all it takes to stop you from taking whats yours is to pull the strap when you are close to your blessing. I have seen many people leave churches, relationships careers just when something great is about to happen without any tangible reason. Its because there is somebody who has a hook in their lives and decides to pull it anytime they are about to walk into their blessings. Remember the devil doesn’t like you today and he is never going to like you so if he has anything to use against you he won’t hesitate to use it but thank God for mount zion which is the presence of God.

Once you’ve been delivered you have to maintain a holy life on the journey to the promise land. Maintaining a holy life means walking uprightly before God which means God is with you always and who can stop you when your father is with you. Are you delivered, are you walking with God then you are ready to possess your possession. There is nothing standing between you and your destiny, claim the promise by force and by faith. Your blessing has your name written over it waiting to be claimed by you and no one else. Go ahead and possess your possession in Jesus name, Amen.

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