Our Year Of Advancement

The Lord has declared 2013 our year of ADVANCEMENT. Which means moving forward in every area of our lives, breaking every stagnation and every ungodly circles in our lives. This article is long overdue, am writing this to encourage God’s children everywhere on how to deal with prophecies.

Prophecies tells us the mind of God regarding our future, prophecies are not necessarily for us to feel good about ourselves as most of us do these days because God doesn’t give us prophecies to flatter us but rather to show us His plans and thoughts concerning us. Most people have received the same prophecies for years and yet it has not come to pass because they don’t know what to do with the prophecies. After getting all excited about prophecy there is still work to be done. Prophecies must be protected and treasured in the heart, prophecies must be prayerfully meditated upon.

This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare.(1 Tim 1:18). In the above scriptures we see Apostle Paul instructing his son in the Lord Timothy on what to do with the prophecies he had received, by this we know that prophecies help us generate prayer topics because prophecies tells us the mind of God so we can’t go wrong if we pray according to the prophecy we have received. Without prophecy it is very easy for people to assume every challenge in life is the will of God but when you have a prophecy that says you will end up in right, you will fast and pray to prevent anything from letting you end up in left.

Acts 12:1- tells the story of James and Peter, the bible says Herod arrested James and killed him. When he saw that it pleased the people he went ahead and arrested Peter also planning to kill him later but the angel of the Lord came to deliver Peter from prison at night. Now both men were all Apostles, but the difference is that prayer was offered for Peter more intensively than James, why because in John 21:18 when Christ told Peter that kind of death he will suffer they heard the prophecy so when something came in up peter’s life which was contrary to the prophecy. They immediately knew that it was the work of the devil and therefore decided to enforce the will of God through prayer, which yielded an angelic visitation because it was in accordance to the will of God.

Prayerfully meditating on prophecies is something that you don’t see very much in the Kingdom of God today. The bible says in Luke 2:19 that Mary kept all the good news in her heart, also in Genesis 37:11 when Joseph was talking about this dream, his father kept it in his heart. What these parents demonstrated was a way of protecting and prayerfully meditating on the prophecy so at the wedding Mary asks Jesus for a miracle and He responds by saying my time has not come. This means that She has been meditating on seeing these things come to pass for more than 30 years without giving up and eventually she saw it come to pass.

Do you have a prophecy from God? then don’t sit down idle run with it, pray with it and meditate on it. Once God has said it, it means He saw it done now its up to us to see it come to pass in our spirit man before manifesting physically. After receiving prophecy, thank God then pray, then meditate on it whiles protecting and treasuring it in your heart then finally position yourself to see it come to pass. May every prophecy come to pass in your life in Jesus name, Amen

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