Know where your responsibility ends

One of the challenges that we have in our time is knowing where our responsibility ends. Most Christians today are burdening themselves with God’s responsibilities. When you have done your best leave the rest to God. The reason why you brought your case to God was because you couldn’t solve it all by yourself, so why is it that after God has told you what to do and what He will do, now you feel like doing His job for Him. God doesn’t need our help He needs you to obey Him. When God speaks to us, He knows what He is saying and why He said that our job is not to figure it out for Him but just obey Him. God cannot do anything for you until you have done what He asked you to do wait for Him, He will not do it with you but He will do it for you. May you find where your responsibility ends and where God’s begins. Remain blessed, Amen

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