Infants faith

A few years ago one of my daughters in the Lord told me of an incident that happened to her when she was a kid which provoked something in my relationship with God. She was playing with some kids in school when she told them that her father was the strongest person in the world because that’s what she believed, so the kids started asking if her dad could beat the principal, and some other people passing by, then they asked if her father could beat a very popular boxer, she said yes then they started arguing with her it later turned into fight.

So when her dad came to pick her up from school she asked her dad if he could beat that boxer and her dad said no, she was so disappointed to the extend that after so many years she still remembers how she felt during that time. Why was she disappointed, because whenever she can’t lift up anything her dad does it for her, whenever there is anything too difficult at home her dad comes in and solves the problem so she believed her dad could do just about anything. Her dad was her hero who will not fail her.

It’s parents’ responsibility to provide for their children. Children have no source of income except from their parents so when they need anything they go to their source of income. When parents are not able to provide for their children they become disappointed and scared because they don’t have a buck up plan and that is the reason why every mother will feed their children before themselves. If we believers will have that kind of faith we will receive everything we need in life. We need to stop having a buck up plan of what to do in case God doesn’t come through and just believe like an infant believes the mum is the only source of breast milk. The faith that we have in God is what makes Him come through for us. Let go of your 50/50 faith and have absolute faith.

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