” ENGAGED” Every Sunday 11 am in Dublin city

Click Here to listen to a live prayer and sermon session, may God meet you at the point of your need as you pray along.

1st Samuel chapter one talks about the story of Hannah who couldn’t have children even though she has been going to church and doing everything she has been taught to do as a child of God, until one day she decided not to leave it for the pastor to pray for but rather she engaged God herself . All the pastor had to do was to say amen to her prayers and her story changed from shame to glory.

Precious one are you tired of hearing the same thing over and over and yet there seems to be no change at all in your life,are  you tired and bored of the normal church routine, do you want to experience the presence of God for yourself. This is what the engaged service is about, its not about anybody or any church its about people coming together to provoke the heavens, its about individuals engaging God in their personal lives.

Since God put this in my heart we have heard many testimonies from pastors of churches to unbelievers, after one month of this meeting God told me to continue with it. Therefore this meeting will be going every Sunday 11am @ Rear of 44 Summerhill Parade, Dublin 1

Precious one lives have been transformed, ministries have been empowered and destinies discovered in this meetings. Those who are invited always thank those who invited them because no matter what happens everybody in the meeting experiences the presences of God. I don’t have much to offer but one thing am very sure of is the promise of the presence of God in this meetings. You are one meeting away from your breakthrough. I want to personally invite you to this Sunday’s ENGAGED meeting and you can judge for yourself after the service. Until we meet face to face stay in the power of God

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