Daddy Do You Think Its a Good Idea

Daddy do you think this is a good idea? Asked by my little girl whiles she was holding the Christmas three through the boot of the car. I asked her why do you ask, she said because I might let go. I laughed all the way home, but also learnt something from that.

Most times when God is taking us to the promise land we begin to look at our weaknesses and think we cant make it or maybe it wasn’t a good idea for God to call us in the first place. But just like my story with my kids, I promised them we are going to get a Christmas tree, in my mind they were just to choose the tree and be around to feel like it was their doing but I wasn’t counting on their strength to hold on or transport it home.

Even if she let go the tree wont fall but I didn’t let her know, the same way God knew there was a red sea and yet told them to go forward. If God says it then He will stand by His word and will definitely perform it with or without your help, just keep moving forward with Him. A good idea is not always God’s idea but God’s idea is always the best idea.

The only thing God is counting on you for is your availability the rest is already taken care even though you cant see it, that’s why sometimes you let go and still come back to find it there because you weren’t the one caring it all along. See you at the promise land, your journey in life is God’s idea and so it’s the idea ever, stay in the power of God.

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