The strong lions do lack

Psalm 34:10 (King James Version)

The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing”.

The lion as we all know is the king of the jungle, a young lion is a very strong hunter who hunts and eats any animal in the jungle. What the psalmist is saying to us in the above scripture is that the ”young strong lions”, the big companies and organisations that have the power to do whatever they want because of money, they shall lose their power ‘money’ and will be in lack but those who obey God not only will they have money and power but will not lack any beneficial thing.

When we take a look around us today, what we see are banks and financial organisations falling down all over the place. It has come to a point where taxpayers have to rescue these banks which use to have all the money and all the power, so if the banks are now in lack it means that the second part of that scripture has to come to pass in our lives which is those who seek the Lord will live in abundance.

Precious one this is the time for wealth transfer, if the wealth is not where it used to be, it means the first part of the promise has come to pass and second part is in progress. I want to encourage you to hold on fast to your faith, this is not the time for you to start crying with everybody else about the financial crises it does not matter what you have lost there is a new wave coming your way. You have got to position your self properly in other to  tap into this great move of God. where you stand determines where you will end up, if you are with those crying , you will fall into the young lions club. They are the ones that lack, but if you will obey God’s word and stand firm on His word you will be part of the new team of managers taking over the wealth of the world.

May God bless you as you remain steadfast.

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