It’s Time For Breakthrough

There is great excitement in my spirit about what God is doing in our lives, as i spend time in prayer this morning, I sensed a great move of God for breakthrough. I am writing this to encourage every son and daughter of this ministry to get ready for a greater outpouring of God’s power upon us, this outpouring of His power will elevate us to a higher platform in every aspect of our lives. Click  HERE to listen to a prophetic declaration which will bless you.

As I said in the message nothing just happens, everything that happens is provoked one way or the other. In John chapter 2 the first miracle that Jesus performed was provoked by His mother, He was not ready to do anything about the situation until Mary provoked Him. Even after that He was not ready to do anything but Mary instructed the people to sit in front of Him and wait until He says something and when that happens they are to move with the flow of the spirit. After they had waited, the next thing they did was to obey which is flowing with the move of the Spirit.

We have dedicated this week as a breakthrough week, we will be having the conference from Thursday 22nd  to Sunday 25 of March but before that we are fasting and praying from Tuesday to provoke the  heavens. What will happen during this conference is replay of what has already happened in the spiritual realm during this fasting and prayer so please don’t take this week for granted. Give it your all knowing that God answers those who diligently seek Him. We are praying every morning from Tuesday to Thursday from 9am-12 noon. You are for a sign and a wonder.

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