He is in Charge

Looking at this picture brings to mind the famous footprint story of how God carries us when we are tired. If you look at the picture on the left it seems as if my son is in charge of the boat because that’s what the picture says but those of us on the boat when the picture was taken knows that there is someone standing beside him who takes over from him every once in a while and only leaves him with it when then isn’t anything to do. So all my son does is to sit there and hold on when everything is stable.

I think this applies to our daily lives, we love the idea of being in charge of our own lives, calling all the short but every once in a while something great (miracle) happens in our lives which is not a result of anything we did. This is where God steps into our lives and takes the steering wheel from us, and steer it towards where our blessings are and away from any trouble.

So you see you are not alone God is with you and he is in charge so you have nothing to worry about. What everybody sees about you is not all that there is, there is a man behind the scene his name is JESUS. He is the alpha and omega, he knows tomorrow from yesterday so he knows where he’s taking you. Just let him be in charge and everything will be alright.

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